Sanguine Effect: The Virus of Hope

In our daily attempt to spread positivity and promote altruistic thinking, we’ve recently partnered with our friends at AWSTRUK STUDIOS to begin production of the unique documentary, “Sanguine Effect.” This documentary is meant to explore the effects COVID-19 has had on our society, ways we can maintain health and protect ourselves against any future viruses, and the hope springing up despite the strange times we live in today. 


Join us on the journey!

This project is currently LIVE! Want to stay in the loop? Follow us on Instagram and keep an eye on our page. The film crew will be posting live updates and sneak peaks throughout the next few weeks of production!  

Sanguine Effect is being funded by generous people like you! If you’d like to help us “spread the virus of hope,” please share our posts on Instagram and/or give to the mission as often as you’d like.


Story Breakdown

Chapter I: The Beginning

The set up. This is a short recap of 2020 – 2021 through the eyes of the host.

Chapter II: The Thought of Change

What is COVID-19? How has fear of contracting COVID affected us? We begin the documentary exploring how we as a society have changed and the psychological affects the Pandemic and fear-mongering [in the news] has had on us. 

Chapter III: The Journey

Who’s fighting against the virus today? In this chapter we highlight not only what the gov’t is doing to fight COVID-19, but seek out several organizations led by everyday people who’ve decided to make change and support their neighbors. 

Chapter IV: The HEALTH Question

How can we protect ourselves against the virus? Is there a way to protect ourselves without a mandatory vaccine? If so, what is it and how feasible is it?

Chapter V: The Denouement

Based on the insights of interviewees, what conclusions can we honestly make about our country, government’s/business’s/healthcare’s response to the virus, and how should we prepare for the next pandemic, the next national crisis?  Will the many lessons learned and expertise garnered fighting COVID-19 help us devise a proactive strategy and evidence protocols for, “the next time?”   What will we do differently?  How can we prepare neighbors to help neighbors stay healthy/stay alive, especially in communities disproportionately impacted  by the disease – while still sowing the seeds  of positivity, resilience, and hope?