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A multi-faceted, non-profit production studio that aims to demonstrate the role cinema and other associated arts can play in promoting positive societal change and altruistic thinking. Aside from producing films, we create opportunities for youth and budding filmmakers to express themselves artistically; developing programs that take them from conceptualization, all the way through to post-production. 



Programs in the Works


Provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on, practical experience working on professional film sets. Our goal is to create an environment where filmmaking is demystified and youth can begin a life-long journey to cinema mastery.

Visual Voice

An after school program that equips youth with the necessary tools to creatively-express themselves, use media to address social issues, and promote positive change in their communities as, “citizen journalists.” 


Script Writing 101

An interactive online course designed to teach the basics of screenplay writing. It explores character and story development, act structure, and much more. Each module is meant to bring the student one step closer to writing their own feature film or series.

Currently Producing

Sanguine Effect: The Virus of Hope


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Cinemind is a non-profit organization developed by film-lovers for film-lovers.  Our team strongly believes in the power of cinema and the positive affects it can have on the mind and society as a whole.

Your support makes it possible for us to fulfill our promise to you; creating content that promotes positivity, altruisim, and societal change. 

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